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Cultural Events at CBL’s Properties Celebrate Diversity and Community


By: Nicole Bowen, Senior Marketing Director, Pearland Town Center

Celebrating the diversity of the communities we serve is a central mission at CBL Properties. As we continue to reinforce our commitment to inclusion and belonging by partnering with like-minded organizations focused on enhancing equity and prioritizing representation of diverse groups within our company, we strive to extend that commitment across our portfolio. 

Pearland Town Center – located in Brazoria County near Houston, Texas – is a great example of our effort to honor diversity and create a welcoming environment for all. Brazoria County is home to a prominent Latin community, with nearly one-third of residents identifying as Hispanic. During Hispanic Heritage Month, which aims to recognize and highlight the history, traditions, contributions, and impact of the Hispanic community, we partnered with the Brazoria County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to host the 3rd Annual Latin Festival in September. 

First launched in 2019, this free, family-oriented event was designed to bring the community of Brazoria County together to celebrate Latin culture, featuring live Latin music performances, Latin food vendors, merchandise stands, fashion shows and local Latin businesses. The event included a full schedule of cultural entertainment including traditional dancing and the presentation of Hispanic Hero Scholarships to local students and teachers.

The Hispanic Heritage Month event at Pearland Town Center is one of several culture events hosted at the property throughout the year, including Holi Festival in April, Juneteenth in June, Puranava in August and Oktoberfest in October. Each of these events involves a team of local partners and organizations who are passionate about celebrating their cultures while educating others. During these events, these teams have the opportunity to showcase their unique cultures through traditional food, music, performances and more. All these events are supported and attended by the Mayor of Pearland, along with other elected officials. 

Several tenants at the Pearland Town Center have also been involved in the festivities by donating merchandise to be used in event raffles and giveaways, setting up booths to showcase products and interact with attendees and even offering clothing to be modeled during the event. It’s common to see employees of the businesses at Pearland making their way over to enjoy the event on their breaks. 

Each of our cultural events at Pearland Town Center have attracted between 1,500 and 3,000 attendees, which has the added benefit of increasing foot traffic and contributing to a boost in sales for our tenants.

In addition to benefiting the tenants at the mall, these events unite the community. By celebrating the many cultures found in Pearland, we create a welcoming environment for community members of all heritages and lifestyles, and provide an opportunity for celebration and connection.

We look forward to continuing our cultural celebrations in 2023, as we work to foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity throughout our portfolio. 

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